We are a manufacturer of lanyards, we work with corporate clients, small, medium, and large companies. We also sincerely invite advertising companies to contact us, as we offer special agency prices, marketing support, and lanyard designs. We manufacture fully custom advertising lanyards. For clients who are looking for something more than the standard white sublimation-printed tapes, we offer the possibility to select every element of the lanyard.

We weave the lanyards from yarn dyed in any color selected by the client - to be chosen from the entire Pantone ® palette. We do not use so called standard colors and the client has the possibility to use precisely the same color tone as in the company's logo.

We weave the logo or any other desired inscription on a round lace, and additionally we may also perform a print on a plastic length adjuster. But that’s not all!

We also recommend round lanyards with a logo woven on a label which is connected to the lanyard with the use of a special elastic band. Both the label as well as the elastic band may be made in any color. The woven logo label gives the lanyard a look of elegance. Additionally, this technique is brilliant for more complicated designs.

For clients looking for unique solutions we offer round lanyards with 3D logo embossed on a pvc ending , while especially complex designs may be printed on endings made from artificial leather.

Why is it worth to order our custom advertising lanyards?

With us you do not have to be limited to a few standard colors and a dozen or so color combination in the case of dual-color round lanyards.

You may select more than 2 colors for the woven label or lanyard ending!

For your convenience we will prepare a free visualization of the lanyard.

We offer the most attractive prices on the market for personalized advertising lanyards.

Transport is always free (in the EU), with no additional hidden costs.

*(the technical feasibility of the project in case of more woven colors is always determined basing on the logo in a vector file).